Aetna Health Insurance – Get Straight Facts

Aetna Health Insurance Company started its operation since 1850. They are dedicated in helping individuals achieved security in terms of health and financial. Aetna provides its members useful information to help them decide which insurance works for them. They provide insurance for employers around 50 states of America. Aetna’s customers are mostly employers, individuals, students, and hourly or part-time workers. Their products and services include medical, dental, vision, disability, pharmacy, life, student, pet and behavioral health.

Aetna Health Insurance gives affordable coverage. From their wide range of services available, for sure there is one that’s right for you. Aetna will even help you to choose a plan that’s best for you. You will get help in accessing whatever care you need. Whatever the situation maybe, you will be assured that Aetna will provide you the help that you need in order to live a healthier life and in getting the most of your health dollars. You can even cover your pet in their Pet Insurance. Like any of your family members, animals also have health needs. It will let you manage your cost in treating your pet’s injuries and illnesses. Included in pet insurance policies are lab test, surgery and visit to a licensed veterinarian and specialists.

Aetna Health Insurance has a symbol of AET at NY Stock Exchange. They have over 19 million members for medical, 14 million members for dental and 11 million pharmacy members. At present they have more than 920,000 health care professional, 528,000 doctors and specialist and 5,112 hospitals. They have been recognized worldwide and have been named by Fortune magazine as the Most Admired Company for Health Care. Some other awards they have received are: 2008 CRO’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens, 2008 Health Literacy Awards, first in Payer View Rankings 2008, 2007 Behavioral Health Awards, Corporate Leadership Award, 2006 Innovation Award, 2004 HERA Award and more.

Does PTSD Make You Fat? How Post Tramatic Stress Affects Physical Health

People who suffer serious mental illnesses (like PTSD) live shorter lives than the general population. According to The Journal of Clinical Psychology (2007;68[suppl 4]:26-33), they lose from 13 to over 20 years of life compared to mentally healthy people. Many factors contribute to reduced life expectancies for people with diseases like PTSD, anxiety and panic disorders.

One major problem is the multiple barriers that make it difficult for people with serious mental illness to get good quality health care. Many are unable to acquire and hold regular, full-time employment so, unless they can qualify as a dependent of a spouse or parent with medical insurance, they must depend on public assistance medical programs or pay cash (lots of it).

Then there’s also the problem that, compared with the average American, people with serious mental illness are more likely to engage in unhealthy lifestyle practices.

–    Mentally ill people often fail to get regular physical exercise,

–    engage in poor eating habits (including overeating), and

–    are more likely to be smokers and use/abuse other controlled substances (including alcohol).

–    They often have irregular sleeping habits that lead to inadequate sleep.

–    And many fail to schedule or show up for appointments with their health care practitioners.

These unhealthy behaviors, combined with the side-effects from the antipsychotic medications many take, increase their risk for cardiac and metabolic diseases.

People with serious mental illness are considered an at-risk population, with elevated medical morbidity (illnesses) and mortality (death) rates, mainly due to cardiovascular disease and, increasingly, complications of diabetes.

Because of these factors, their therapy must include assessment of medical risk factors, starting from their initial psychiatric evaluation. Prior to initiating antipsychotic therapy, the therapist should explain the risks of medications and alternative treatments, add preventive strategies and physical evaluation and ongoing monitoring.

Since even mentally healthy people eat for reasons other than hunger, it’s no surprise that people suffering from anxiety, panic and stress eat more than their bodies require and eat high fat and sugary “junk” foods. Using food as a means of self-medicating, they’re just trying to feel better!

And it’s a vicious cycle. Deteriorating physical health contributes to poor self-image and feelings of isolation. And we all know, the less you exercise, the less you want to be physically active. It gets easier and easier to sit, alone, in front of the T.V. with your chips and soda instead of going out to take a walk or visit friends.

Therapy models that assist people with stress and anxiety disorders in making informed decisions about healthier lifestyle behaviors, including tobacco use, alcohol use and excess weight are evolving. The challenge is how to integrate them into routine behavioral health care.

Patients must be educated and motivated to participate in their own recovery. The stress reliving benefits of regular exercise and weight control are overwhelming. In addition, the cost of preventatives like walking shoes and gym memberships are minuscule compared to the costs of medical intervention to treat the symptoms. Check with your doctor but if they don’t support you, find one who will help you get fit physically and mentally.

The growing problems of premature death and chronic physical illness, like diabetes and obesity,  calls for all health care providers, both mental and physical, to work with patients who suffer from stress, anxiety and other mental illnesses in a more integrated way.

I”s up to the therapist, the patients and their families to demand a holistic approach to bridge the existing gap between mental and physical health that improves and saves lives. But right now, get up and take a walk, go for a bike ride or participate in a yoga class! Whatever you can do to get up and moving will help ward off the mental affects of stress, anxiety and even PTSD and the physical problems of obesity.

Alcohol Detox and Behavioral Health Rehab Treatment

You are ready to get detox help for your alcohol abuse. Once you have successfully completed your alcohol detox, you must decide which alcohol rehab program you will attend to help you in recovery. There are many different options available to you from traditional methods to alternative and holistic approaches. Cognitive behavioral education (CBE) is one of the alternatives.

What Is CBE?

CBE teaches that you have a choice in your behavior and recognizes that you are in control of your choices and decisions. You have the power to reconsider your behaviors and habits, especially those that are linked to your substance abuse. It does not judge, label or manipulate the individual into thinking a certain way or accepting traditions, but rather teaches skills that will allow you to address your alcohol use and be able to move past your problems, circumstances and situations permanently.

How Does CBE Work?

Cognitive behavioral education teaches individuals to take responsibility for their choices and to recognize and change behaviors by using self assessment and re-evaluation, as well as recognize other issues that go along with their substance abuse. These techniques help to improve self control by considering positive and negative outcomes of their addiction and it also teaches individuals to self evaluate to be aware of the triggers and identify the situations that lead to their alcohol use and to develop plans for coping with and avoiding the situations.

According to the teachings of cognitive behavioral education, there is no absolute cause for your drinking, only the reasons that you give for doing it. You have the power to control the reason and not to allow it to control you and lead you to alcohol use.

The fact is that stress is a part of life, but stress does not force you to excessive alcohol abuse. Using alcohol is a choice that you make, but you can make a different choice. By re-evaluating your motivations, actions, thoughts, goals and choices, you can develop proactive habits and behaviors that are productive, positive and purposeful.

How Cognitive Behavioral Education Differs from Other Programs

Cognitive behavioral education believes that change begins with the thought that you must change. That thought turns into a plan for change, then actions to support change, to the development of habits and behaviors that in fact support change. Where other rehab programs teach that individuals need lifelong treatment and encourages the belief that you are incapable of change because you have an incurable genetic disease; CBE takes the opposite stand, believing that you are not diseased.

Alcohol abuse is a choice that has been reinforced by your habits and behaviors. You have the power to make a different choice: to not use alcohol. Once you have made the decision to stay alcohol free, and you establish new habits and behaviors to support your decision; you will break the cycle of alcohol abuse in your life and you will be free.

Behavioral Health and Brain Power

After continuing Carl Jung’s research in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation, I discovered the anti-conscience which is the wild side of the human conscience. The anti-conscience is a primitive demon that didn’t evolve like the human side of our conscience. This is why it generates mental illnesses within the human side of our conscience.

This was a shocking discovery! It would be very convenient for me if I had a degree in psychiatry or psychology so that I could prove my statements and be respected. However, I had to study alone. I also had to fight alone against craziness, after discovering the terrible anti-conscience.

I saw that the anti-conscience constantly invades everyone’s conscience. This is why the human being is basically evil, and our world is characterized by wars, crimes, terrorism, poverty, and many other horrors. Another shocking proof of the human absurdity is the indifference of those who have money and protection, in parallel with the misery of the victims of terror, violence, and poverty.

Those who have a lot of money pay the police to hide their crimes, the same way they pay everyone else to simply do what they want. They decide everything, while they are totally indifferent to what happens with those who battle for their survival.

Most people in our world are influenced or completely controlled by their anti-conscience. This is why those who are fortunate enough to live far from terror ignore the despair of those who live in misery. Their cold indifference reflects abnormal behavior, which generates many psychological problems. This is why they are not happy, even if they live like kings.

Many other problems independent of money also transform our world into a living hell. In such a world, all universities are based on absurd concepts. Therefore, I would waste my time studying psychiatry in a university of my historical time. Our global behavioral health is basically characterized by severe mental illnesses.

Fortunately, I discovered that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams has a divine origin. Carl Jung was afraid to completely trust the unconscious mind, but I verified that the unconscious mind has saintly characteristics.

I was saved from schizophrenia by the unconscious warnings. I cured many people through dream therapy for two decades, always obeying the unconscious guidance. Only then could I finally present my work to the public.

You probably didn’t know that you should prevent craziness. However, this is necessary because you are already absurd from birth. You have only a partial mental stability, which you can easily lose. My discoveries are not pleasant, but they represent salvation from despair. Dream translation according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me is the only guaranteed method of craziness prevention existent today.

The prevention and cure of all mental illnesses is based on your obedience to the unconscious psychotherapy in dreams. You will develop your intelligence through consciousness, and this way, eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience. You will acquire perfect behavioral health and brain power once your behavior is characterized by real goodness.

The Best Health Insurance Providers in the United States

In order to obtain the best medical insurance for your own as well as for your family members, it will be wise to look for the most well known health insurance companies in the market. If you don’t have any idea, this article may be able to assist you.

WellPoint Incorporation

It is the leading health plan provider in United States with approximately 35 million medical members. One of every nine Americans receives coverage for their medical care through WellPoint’s affiliated health plans. It offers a broad range of medical and specialty products.

United Health Group

It is the second largest health insurer in United States which is right behind WellPoint. It is famous for its health benefit plans with lower medical costs. In addition, it offers specialty care programs such as vision and dental care, as well as Health Savings Accounts and Health Reimbursement Accounts.

Aetna Incorporation

It is one of the most active and popular health insurance companies in United States. It offers a broad range of traditional and consumer based medical insurance products and related services which include medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, group life, long term care and disability plans as well as medical management capabilities.

CIGNA Corporation

It is one of the top US health insurers. It is a global health service company, dedicated to helping people to improve their health, well-being and security. CIGNA covers more than 9 million people in United States with its large variety of medical plans. It also offers other health coverage in the form of dental, vision, pharmacy, and behavioral health plans.

By knowing which companies are nationally recognized, it will be more convenient for you to obtain “quality” medical coverage.